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Unformatted text preview: te performance measurements often set up specially configured machines that minimize any sources of timing irregularity, such as by limiting access and by disabling many OS and networking services. We want methods that application programmers can use on ordinary machines, but there are no widely available tools for this. Instead, we will develop our own. In this presentation we work through the issues systematically. We describe the design and evaluation of a number of experiments that helped us arrive at methods to achieve accurate measurements on a small set of systems. It is unusual to find a detailed experimental study in a book at this level. Generally, people expect the final answers, not a description of how those answers were determined. In this case, however, we cannot provide definitive answers on how to measure program execution time for an arbitrary program on an arbitrary system. There are too many variations of timing mechanisms, operating system behaviors, and runtime environment to have one single, simple solution. Instead, we anticipate that you will need to run your own experiments and develop your...
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