4 classes of exceptions asynchronous exceptions occur

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Unformatted text preview: entifying information on the stack from GOT[1], and then jumps into the dynamic linker indirectly through GOT[2]. The dynamic linker uses the two stack entries to determine the location of addvec, overwrites GOT[4] with this address, and passes control to addvec. The next time addvec is called in the program, control passes to PLT[2] as before. However, this time the indirect jump through GOT[4] transfers control to addvec. The only additional overhead from this point on is the memory reference for the indirect jump. 7.13 Tools for Manipulating Object Files There are a number of tools available on Unix systems to help you understand and manipulate object files. In particular, the GNU binutils package is especially helpful and runs on every Unix platform. 382 AR : CHAPTER 7. LINKING Creates static libraries, and inserts, deletes, lists, and extracts members. Lists all of the printable strings contained in an object file. STRINGS: STRIP: NM : SIZE: Deletes symbol table information from an object file. Lists the symbols defin...
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