4b the dram responds by copying the 8 bits in

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Unformatted text preview: d so these aspects of program design should remain a primary concern for programmers. We have also see that optimization blockers, such as memory aliasing and procedure calls, seriously restrict the ability of compilers to perform extensive optimizations. Again, the programmer must take primary responsibility in eliminating these. Beyond this, we have studied a series of techniques, including loop unrolling, iteration splitting, and pointer arithmetic. As we get deeper into the optimization, it becomes important to study the generated assembly code, and to try to understand how the computation is being performed by the machine. For execution on a modern, out-of-order processor, much can be gained by analyzing how the program would execute on a machine with unlimited processing resources, but where the latencies and the issue times of the functional units match those of the target processor. To refine this analysis, we should also consider such resource constraints as the number and types of functional units. Programs that involve conditional branches or complex interactions with the memory syst...
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