5 interrupt handling the interrupt handler returns

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Unformatted text preview: ed in the symbol table of an object file. Lists the names and sizes of the sections in an object file. Displays the complete structure of an object file, including all of the information encoded in the ELF header. Subsumes the functionality of SIZE and NM. The mother of all binary tools. Can display all of the information in an object file. Its most useful function is disassembling the binary instructions in the .text section. READELF: OBJDUMP: Unix systems also provide the ldd program for manipulating shared libraries: LDD : Lists the shared libraries that an executable needs at run time. 7.14 Summary We have learned that linking can be performed at compile time by static linkers, and at load time and run time by dynamic linkers. The main tasks of linkers are symbol resolution, where each global symbol is bound to a unique definition, and relocation, where the ultimate memory address for each symbol is determined and where references to those objects are modified. Static linkers combine multiple relocatable object files into a single executable object file. Multiple object files can de...
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