5 reading the contents of a memory module to retrieve

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Unformatted text preview: art and how large a fraction of the overall time this part originally required. Bibliographic Notes Many books have been written about compiler optimization techniques. Muchnick’s book is considered the most comprehensive [52]. Wadleigh and Crawford’s book on software optimization [81] covers some of the material we have, but also describes the process of getting high performance on parallel machines. Our presentation of the operation of an out-of-order processor is fairly brief and abstract. More complete descriptions of the general principles can be found in advanced computer architecture textbooks, such as the one by Hennessy and Patterson [31, Ch. 4]. Shriver and Smith give a detailed presentation of an AMD processor [65] that bears many similarities to the one we have described. Amdahl’s Law is presented in most books on computer architecture. With its major focus on quantitative system evaluation, Hennessy and Patterson’s book [31] provides a particularly good treatment. Homework Problems Homework Problem 5.8 [Category 2]: Suppose that we wish to write a procedure that computes the inner product of two vectors. An abst...
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