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Unformatted text preview: F. Bibliographic Notes Reference books on C [37, 30] discuss properties of the different data types and operations. The C standard does not specify details such as precise word sizes or numeric encodings. Such details are intentionally omitted to make it possible to implement C on a wide range of different machines. Several books have been written giving advice to C programmers [38, 47] that warn about problems with overflow, implicit casting to unsigned, and some of the other pitfalls we have covered in this chapter. These books also provide helpful advice on variable naming, coding styles, and code testing. Books on Java (we recommend the one coauthored by James Gosling, the creator of the language [1]) describe the data formats and arithmetic operations supported by Java. Most books on logic design [82, 36] have a section on encodings and arithmetic operations. Such books describe different ways of implementing arithmetic circuits. Appendix A of Hennessy and Patterson’s computer architecture textbook [31] does a particularly good job of describing different encodings (including IEEE floating...
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