52 category 1 around 250 bc the greek mathematician

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Unformatted text preview: point) as well as different implementation techniques. Overton’s book on IEEE floating point [53] provides a detailed description of the format as well as the properties from the perspective of a numerical applications programmer. Homework Problems Homework Problem 2.29 [Category 1]: Compile and run the sample code that uses show bytes (file show-bytes.c) on different machines to which you have access. Determine the byte orderings used by these machines. Homework Problem 2.30 [Category 1]: Try running the code for show bytes for different sample values. Homework Problem 2.31 [Category 1]: Write procedures show_short, show_long, and show_double that print the byte representations of 2.5. SUMMARY 81 C objects of types short int, long int, and double respectively. Try these out on several machines. Homework Problem 2.32 [Category 2]: Write a procedure is_little_endian that will return 1 when compiled and run on a little-endian machine, and will return 0 when compiled and run on a big-e...
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