53 shift operations the nal group consists of shift

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Unformatted text preview: ion, or one of the eight single-byte register elements (e.g., %al) for a byte operation. In our figure, we use the notation to denote an arbitrary register , and indicate its value with the reference Ê , viewing the set of registers as an array Ê indexed by register identifiers. The third type of operand is a memory reference, in which we access some memory location according to a computed address, often called the effective address. As the table shows, there are many different addressing modes allowing different forms of memory references. The most general form is shown at the bottom of the table with syntax ÁÑÑ ( , ,×). Such a reference has four components: an immediate offset ÁÑÑ , a base 3.4. ACCESSING INFORMATION Instruction movl movw movb movsbl movzbl pushl popl Effect Description Move Double Word Move Word Move Byte Move Sign-Extended Byte Move Zero-Extended Byte Push Pop · 101 Ë, Ë, Ë, Ë, Ë, Ë Ë Ò ÜØ Ò ´Ë µ ÖÓ ÜØ Ò ´Ë µ Ê %esp Ê %esp Å Ñ Ê %esp Ë Å Ñ Ê %esp ; Ê %...
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