7 relocation 367 when the cpu executes an instruction

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Unformatted text preview: Size 4 0 39 4 Type OBJECT NOTYPE FUNC OBJECT Bind Ot GLOBAL 0 GLOBAL 0 GLOBAL 0 GLOBAL 0 Ndx 3 UND 1 COM Name bufp0 buf swap bufp1 7.6. SYMBOL RESOLUTION 357 First, we see an entry for the definition of the global symbol bufp0, which is a 4-byte initialized object starting at offset 0 in .data. The next symbol comes from the reference to the external buf symbol in the initialization code for bufp0. This is followed by the global symbol swap, a 39-byte function at an offset of 0 in .text. The last entry is the global symbol bufp1, a 4-byte uninitialized data object (with a 4-byte alignment requirement) that will eventually be allocated as a .bss object when this module is linked. Practice Problem 7.1: This problem concerns the swap.o module from Figure 7.1(b). For each symbol that is defined or referenced in swap.o, indicate whether or not it will have a symbol table entry in the .symtab section in module swap.o. If so, indicate the module that defines the symbol (swap.o or main.o), the symbol type (loc...
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