A classic example of a fault is the page fault

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Unformatted text preview: ve program behavior, or to perform systemdependent optimizations that are not possible at compile time. Commercial products such as VTune, Purify, and BoundsChecker use binary translation to provide programmers with detailed observations of their programs. The Atom system provides a flexible mechanism for instrumenting Alpha executable object files and shared libraries with arbitrary C functions [70]. Atom has been used to build a myriad of analysis tools that trace procedure calls, profile instruction counts and memory referencing patterns, simulate memory system behavior, and isolate memory referencing errors. Etch [62] and EEL [43] provide roughly similar capabilities on different platforms. The Shade system uses binary translation for instruction profiling. [14]. Dynamo [2] and Dyninst [7] provide mechanisms for instrumenting and optimizing executables in memory, at run time. Smith and his colleagues have investigated binary translation for program profiling and optimization. [87]. Homework Problems Homework Problem 7.6 [Category 1]: Consid...
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