A connection is point to point in the sense that it

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Unformatted text preview: nd then consumes the item by printing a message. For example: unix> ./prodconsn produced 0 produced 1 consumed 0 produced 2 consumed 1 consumed 2 produced 3 produced 4 consumed 3 consumed 4 Homework Problem 11.10 [Category 3]: Write a barrier synchronization package, with the same interface as the package in Figure 11.22, that uses semaphores instead of Pthreads mutex and condition variables. Write a driver program barriermain.c that tests your barrier routine. The driver accepts a command line argument Ò, calls the barrier init function, and then creates Ò threads that repeatedly synchronize by printing a message and calling the barrier. For example, unix> 1026: 2051: 1026: 2051: ./barrier 2 hello from barrier hello from barrier hello from barrier hello from barrier 0 0 1 1 602 1026: 2051: 1026: 2051: 1026: 2051: hello hello hello hello hello hello from from from from from from barrier barrier barrier barrier barrier barrier CHAPTER 11. CONCURRENT PROGRAMMING WITH THREADS 2 2 3 3 4 4 Homework Problem 11.11 [Category 3]: Implement a threaded version of the C fgets function, called...
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