A context switch can occur while the kernel is

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Unformatted text preview: ves close cooperation between hardware and software. It is easy to get confused about which component performs which task. Let’s look at the division of labor between hardware and software in more detail. Each type of possible exception in a system is assigned a unique non-negative integer exception number. Some of these numbers are assigned by the designers of the processor. Other numbers are assigned by the designers of the operating system kernel (the memory-resident part of the operating system). Examples of the former include divide by zero, page faults, memory access violations, breakpoints, and arithmetic overflows. Examples of the latter include system calls and signals from external I/O devices. At system boot time (when the computer is reset or powered on) the operating system allocates and initializes a jump table called an exception table, so that entry contains the address of the handler for exception . Figure 8.2 shows the format of an exception table. code for code for except...
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