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Unformatted text preview: is missing in both L1 and L2. From the graph, the read throughput in the region (size=8M, stride=16) is about 80 MB/s. Thus, we estimate that it takes about ¼¼ ¼¢ ¾ cycles to read a word from main memory. B.7 Linking Problem 7.1 Solution: [Pg. 357] The purpose of this problem is to help you understand the relationship between linker symbols and C variables and functions. Notice that the C local variable temp does not have a symbol table entry. Symbol buf bufp0 bufp1 swap temp swap.o .symtab entry? yes yes yes yes no Symbol type extern global global global — Module where defined main.o swap.o swap.o swap.o — Section .data .data .bss .text — 724 Problem 7.2 Solution: [Pg. 360] APPENDIX B. SOLUTIONS TO PRACTICE PROBLEMS This is a simple drill that checks your understanding of the rules that a Unix linker uses when it resolves global symbols that are defined in more than one module. Understanding these rules can help you avoid some nasty programming bugs. A. The linker chooses the...
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