An area is a contiguous chunk of existing allocated

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Unformatted text preview: h physical addressing it is straightforward for multiple processes to have blocks in the cache at the same time and to share blocks from the same virtual pages. Further, the cache does not have to deal with protection issues because access rights are checked as part of the address translation process. Figure 10.15 shows how a physically-addressed cache might be integrated with virtual memory. The main idea is that the address translation occurs before the cache lookup. Notice that page table entries can be cached, just like any other data words. 10.6.2 Speeding up Address Translation with a TLB As we have seen, every time the CPU generates a virtual address, the MMU must refer to a PTE in order the translate the virtual address into a physical address. In the worst case, this requires an additional fetch from memory, at a cost of tens to hundreds of cycles. If the PTE happens to be cached in L1, then the cost goes down to one or two cycles. However, many systems try to eliminate even this cost by including a small cache of PTEs in the MMU called a translation lookaside buffer (TLB). 10.6. ADDRESS TRANSLATION PTE PTEA hit 501 CPU chip PTE PTEA miss...
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