As we will see the io bridge also connects the system

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Unformatted text preview: x.0 testl %edx.1,%edx.1 jne-taken cc.1 %edx.1 t.1 %eax.1 cc.1 Note that the register move operation movl %edx,%ecx does not require any operations to implement. It is handled by simply associating the tag edx.0 with register %ecx, so that the later instruction addl 4(%ecx),%eax is translated to use edx.0 as its source operand. A. Draw a graph showing the scheduling of operations for the first three iterations of the loop, in the style of Figure 5.31. Recall that there is just one load unit. 5.16. SUMMARY 273 B. Our measurements for this function give a CPE of 3.00. Is this consistent with the graph you drew in part A? C. How does this function make better use of the load unit than did the function of Problem 5.14? 274 CHAPTER 5. OPTIMIZING PROGRAM PERFORMANCE Chapter 6 The Memory Hierarchy To this point in our study of systems, we have relied on a simple model of a computer system as a CPU that executes instructions and a memory system that holds instructions and data for the CPU. In our simple model, the memory system is...
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