Assumptions about the readers background this course

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Unformatted text preview: About the Reader’s Background This course is based on Intel-compatible processors (called “IA32” by Intel and “x86” colloquially) running C programs on the Unix operating system. The text contains numerous programming examples that have been compiled and run under Unix. We assume that you have access to such a machine, and are able to log in and do simple things such as changing directories. Even if you don’t use Linux, much of the material applies to other systems as well. Intel-compatible processors running one of the Windows operating systems use the same instruction set, and support many of the same programming libraries. By getting a copy of the Cygwin tools (, you can set up a Unix-like shell under Windows and have an environment very close to that provided by Unix. We also assume that you have some familiarity with C or C++. If your only prior experience is with Java, the transition will require more effort on your part, but we will help you. Java and C share similar syntax and control statem...
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