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Unformatted text preview: optimizations such as those attempted in func2. Instead, the compiler assumes the worst case and leaves all function calls intact. 5.2. EXPRESSING PROGRAM PERFORMANCE 207 Among compilers, the GNU compiler GCC is considered adequate, but not exceptional, in terms of its optimization capabilities. It performs basic optimizations but does not perform the radical transformations on programs that more “aggressive” compilers do. As a consequence, programmers using GCC must put more effort into writing programs in a way that simplifies the compiler’s task of generating efficient code. 5.2 Expressing Program Performance We need a way to express program performance that can guide us in improving the code. A useful measure for many programs is Cycles Per Element (CPE). This measure helps us understand the loop performance of an iterative program at a detailed level. Such a measure is appropriate for programs that perform a repetitive computation, such as processing the pixels in an image or computing the elements in a mat...
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