B have you ever wondered why a c main routine can end

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Unformatted text preview: ol definitions and references in Ñ. This process iterates over the member object files in the archive until a fixed point is reached where Í and no longer change. At this point, any member object files not contained in are simply discarded and the linker proceeds to the next input file. is nonempty when the linker finishes scanning the input files on the command line, it prints an error and terminates. Otherwise it merges and relocates the object files in to build the output executable file. ¯ If Í 7.7. RELOCATION 365 Unfortunately, this algorithm can result in some baffling link-time errors because the ordering of libraries and object files on the command line is significant. If the library that defines a symbol appears on the command line before the object file that references that symbol, then the reference will not be resolved and linking will fail. For example: unix> gcc -static ./libvector.a main2.c /tmp/cc9XH6Rp.o: In function ‘main’: /tmp/cc9XH6Rp.o(.text+0x18): undefined reference to ‘addvec’ Here is what happen...
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