By simply setting the command line switch to o2 we

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Unformatted text preview: nvironment, such as in a network router, much more extensive optimization may be appropriate. In this chapter, we describe a number of techniques for improving code performance. Ideally, a compiler would be able to take whatever code we write and generate the most efficient possible machine-level program having the specified behavior. In reality, compilers can only perform limited transformations of the program, and they can be thwarted by optimization blockers—aspects of the program whose behavior depends strongly on the execution environment. Programmers must assist the compiler by writing code that can be optimized readily. In the compiler literature, optimization techniques are classified as either “machine independent,” meaning that they should be applied regardless of the characteristics of the computer that will execute the code, or as “machine dependent,” meaning they depend on many low-level details of the machine. We organize our presentation along similar lines, starting with program transformations that should be stan...
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