C was designed to implement the unix operating system

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Unformatted text preview: ggage. The K&R book describes the complete language and standard library, with numerous examples and exercises, in only 261 pages. The simplicity of C made it relatively easy to learn and to port to different computers. C was designed for a practical purpose. C was designed to implement the Unix operating system. Later, other people found that they could write the programs they wanted, without the language getting in the way. 3 ¯ ¯ C is the language of choice for system-level programming, and there is a huge installed based of application-level programs as well. However, it is not perfect for all programmers and all situations. C pointers are a common source of confusion and programming errors. C also lacks explicit support for useful abstractions such as classes and objects. Newer languages such as C++ and Java address these issues for application-level programs. End Aside. 1.2 Programs are Translated by Other Programs into Different Forms The hello program begins life as a high-level C program because it can be read and understand by human beings in that form. However, in order to run...
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