Changing the number of times it gets called changes

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Unformatted text preview: a cmp ja jmp shl jmp lea sar jmp lea imul add mov pop ret mov %ebp %esp,%ebp 0x8(%ebp),%eax 0xffffffce(%eax),%edx $0x5,%edx 80483eb <switch_prob+0x2b> *0x8048468(,%edx,4) $0x2,%eax 80483ee <switch_prob+0x2e> 0x0(%esi),%esi $0x2,%eax 80483ee <switch_prob+0x2e> (%eax,%eax,2),%eax %eax,%eax $0xa,%eax %ebp,%esp %ebp %esi,%esi Figure 3.37: Disassembled Code for Problem 3.34. instruction on line 11 is a nop instruction inserted to make the instruction on line 12 start on an address that is a multiple of 16. The jump table resides in a different area of memory. Using the debugger GDB we can examine the six 4-byte words of memory starting at address 0x8048468 with the command x/6w 0x8048468. G DB prints the following: (gdb) x/6w 0x8048468 0x8048468: 0x080483d5 0x8048478: 0x080483e5 (gdb) 0x080483eb 0x080483e8 0x080483d5 0x080483e0 Fill in the body of the switch statement with C code that will have the same behavior as the object code. Homework Problem 3.35 [Category 2]: The code generated by the C compiler for var_pro...
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