Chapter 6 will have much more to say about this 17

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Unformatted text preview: ister file is a cache for the L1 cache, which is a cache for the L2 cache, which is a cache for the main memory, which is a cache for the disk. On some networked system with distributed file systems, the local disk serves as a cache for data stored on the disks of other systems. Just as programmers can exploit knowledge of the L1 and L2 caches to improve performance, programmers can exploit their understanding of the entire memory hierarchy. Chapter 6 will have much more to say about this. 1.7 The Operating System Manages the Hardware Back to our hello example. When the shell loaded and ran the hello program, and when the hello program printed its message, neither program accessed the keyboard, display, disk, or main memory directly. Rather, they relied on the services provided by the operating system. We can think of the operating system as a layer of software interposed between the application program and the hardware, as shown in Figure 1.10. All attempts by an application program to manipulate the hardware must go through the operati...
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