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Unformatted text preview: Ü is an integer, Ý and Ý is an integral power of 2. Examples include: 0, , and ¾½ . The integer value of the exponent. The numeric value represented. Use the notation Ü or Ü ¢ ¾Þ , where Ü and Þ are integers. Î: As an example, to represent the number ¾ , we would have × ¼, Å , and ½. Our number would therefore have an exponent field of 0x40 (decimal value ¿ · ½ ) and a significand field 0xC0 (binary ½½¼¼¼¼¼¼¾ ), giving a hex representation 40C0. You need not fill in entries marked “—”. Description Hex ½ Å Î — —- ¼ Smallest value 256 Largest Denormalized ½ — — — — Number with hex representation 3AA0 Homework Problem 2.51 [Category 1]: You have been assigned the task of writing a C function to compute a floating-point representation of ¾Ü . You realize that the best way to do this is to directly construct the IEEE single-precision representation of the result. When Ü is too small, your routine will return ¼ ¼. When Ü is too large, it will return ·½. Fill in the blank portions of the followin...
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