Commercial products such as vtune purify and

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Unformatted text preview: ynamic Linking with Shared Libraries The static libraries that we studied in Section 7.6.2 address many of the issues associated with making large collections of related functions available to application programs. However, static libraries still have some significant disadvantages. Static libraries, like all software, need to be maintained and updated periodically. If application programmers want to use the most recent version of a library, they must somehow become aware that the library has changed, and then explicitly relink their programs against the updated library. Another issue is that almost every C program uses standard I/O functions such as printf and scanf. At run time, the code for these functions is duplicated in the text segment of each running process. On a typical system that is running 50–100 processes, this can be a significant waste of scarce memory system resources. (An interesting property of memory is that it is always a scarce resource, regardless of how much there is in a system. Disk space and kitchen t...
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