Different storage technologies have different price

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Unformatted text preview: ack is partitioned into a collection of sectors. Each sector contains an equal number of data bits (typically 512 bytes) encoded in the magnetic material on the sector. Sectors are separated by gaps where no data bits are stored. Gaps store formatting bits that identify sectors. tracks surface track k gaps cylinder k surface 0 spindle surface 1 surface 2 surface 3 surface 4 surface 5 platter 0 platter 1 platter 2 sectors spindle (a) Single-platter view. Figure 6.9: Disk geometry. (b) Multiple-platter view. A disk consists of one or more platters stacked on top of each other and encased in a sealed package, as shown in Figure 6.9(b). The entire assembly is often referred to as a disk drive, although we will usually refer to it as simply a disk. Disk manufacturers often describe the geometry of multiple-platter drives in terms of cylinders, where a cylinder is the collection of tracks on all the surfaces that are equidistant from the center of the spindle. For example, if a drive has three platte...
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