Direct jumps are written in assembly by giving a

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Unformatted text preview: n 2.3.6 (page 63). Instruction 6 performs the AND operation and instruction 7 performs the final multiplication. Then instruction 8 moves the return value into register %eax. In the assembly code of Figure 3.7, the sequence of values in register %eax correspond to program values y, t1, t3, and t4 (as the return value). In general, compilers generate code that uses individual registers for multiple program values and that move program values among the registers. Practice Problem 3.6: In the compilation of the following loop: for (i = 0; i < n; i++) v += i; we find the following assembly code line: 3.5. ARITHMETIC AND LOGICAL OPERATIONS Instruction imull Ë mull Ë cltd idivl Ë divl Effect Ê %edx Ê Ê %edx Ê Ê %edx Ê Ê %edx Ê %eax Ê %edx Ê %eax 109 Description Signed Full Multiply Unsigned Full Multiply Convert to Quad Word Signed Divide Unsigned Divide Ë %eax %eax %eax Ê %edx Ê %edx Ê %edx Ê %edx Ë Ê Ê Ê Ê Ë¢Ê Ë¢Ê %eax %eax Ò ÜØ Ò ´Ê %eax µ %eax ÑÓ Ë ; %eax ¤ Ë %eax ÑÓ Ë ; %eax ¤ Ë Figure 3.8: Speci...
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