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Unformatted text preview: ], uri[MAXLINE], version[MAXLINE]; char filename[MAXLINE], cgiargs[MAXLINE]; /* read request line and headers */ Readline(fd, buf, MAXLINE); sscanf(buf, "%s %s %s\n", method, uri, version); if (strcasecmp(method, "GET")) { clienterror(fd, method, "501", "Not Implemented", "Tiny does not implement this method"); return; } read_requesthdrs(fd); /* parse URI from GET request */ is_static = parse_uri(uri, filename, cgiargs); if (stat(filename, &sbuf) < 0) { clienterror(fd, filename, "404", "Not found", "Tiny couldn’t find this file"); return; } if (is_static) { /* serve static content */ if (!(S_ISREG(sbuf.st_mode)) || !(S_IRUSR & sbuf.st_mode)) { clienterror(fd, filename, "403", "Forbidden", "Tiny couldn’t read the file"); return; } serve_static(fd, filename, sbuf.st_size); } else { /* serve dynamic content */ if (!(S_ISREG(sbuf.st_mode)) || !(S_IXUSR & sbuf.st_mode)) { clienterror(fd, filename, "403", "Forbidden", "Tiny couldn’t run the CGI program"); return; } serve_dynamic(fd, filename, cgiargs); } } code/net/tiny/tiny.c Figure 12.47: T INY doit: Handles one HTTP transaction. 12.8. PUTTING IT TOGETHER: THE TINY WEB SERVER 657 The clienterror Function T INY lacks many of the robustness features of a real server. However it does check for some obvious errors and reports them to the client. The clienterror function i...
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