Exceptional control flow there are some subtle

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Unformatted text preview: ure 8.8: Abort handling. The abort handler passes control to a kernel abort routine that terminates the application program. 8.1. EXCEPTIONS 397 8.1.3 Exceptions in Intel Processors To help make things more concrete, let’s look at some of the exceptions defined for Intel systems. A Pentium system can have up to 256 different exception types. Numbers in the range 0 to 31 correspond to exceptions that are defined by the Pentium architecture, and thus are identical for any Pentium-class system. Numbers in the range 32 to 255 correspond to interrupts and traps that are defined by the operating system. Figure 8.9 shows a few examples. Exception Number 0 13 14 18 32–127 128 (0x80) 129–255 Description divide error general protection fault page fault machine check OS-defined exceptions system call OS-defined exceptions Exception Class fault fault fault abort interrupt or trap trap interrupt or trap Figure 8.9: Examples of exceptions in Pentium systems. A divide error (exception 0) occurs when an application attempts to divide by zero, or when the result of a divide instruction is too big for...
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