Each datum can be 1 2 or 4 bytes long each vector

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Unformatted text preview: her its first argument is greater than or equal to its second. Assume the function f2u returns an unsigned 32-bit number having the same bit representation as its floating-point argument. You can assume that neither argument is Æ Æ . The two flavors of zero: ·¼ and ¼ are considered equal. int float_ge(float x, float y) { unsigned ux = f2u(x); unsigned uy = f2u(y); /* Get the sign bits */ unsigned sx = ux >> 31; unsigned sy = uy >> 31; /* Give an expression using only ux, uy, sx, and sy */ return /* ... */ ; } Homework Problem 2.48 [Category 1]: Given a floating-point format with a -bit exponent and an Ò-bit fraction, give formulas for the exponent , significand Å , the fraction , and the value Î for the following quantities. In addition, describe the bit representation. A. The number ¼ . B. The largest odd integer that can be represented exactly. C. The reciprocal of the smallest positive normalized value. Homework Problem 2.49 [Category 1]: Intel-compatible processors also support...
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