Each supercell has an address of the form where

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Unformatted text preview: rketing department at your company has promised your customers that the next software release will show a 2X performance improvement. You have been assigned the task of delivering on that 5.16. SUMMARY promise. You have determined that only 80% of the system can be improved. How much (i.e., what value of ) would you need to improve this part to meet the overall performance target? 267 One interesting special case of Amdahl’s Law is to consider the case where ½. That is, we are able to take some part of the system and speed it up to the point where it takes a negligible amount of time. We then get ˽ ´½ « ½ µ (5.2) So, for example, if we can speed up 60% of the system to the point where it requires close to no time, our net speedup will still only be ½ ¼ ¾ . We saw this performance with our dictionary program as we replaced insertion sort by quicksort. The initial version spent 7.8 of its 9.1 seconds performing insertion sort, giving « . With quicksort, the time spent sorting becomes negligible, giving a predict...
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