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Unformatted text preview: mers is so large. Linux is portable. Since Linux and the GNU tools are written in C, Linux can be ported to new systems without extensive code modifications. Linux is open-source. Linux is open source, which means that it can be down-loaded, modified, repackaged, and redistributed without restriction, gratis or for a fee, as long as the new sources are included with the distribution. This is different from other Unix versions, which are encumbered with software licenses that restrict software redistributions that might add value and make the system easier to use and install. ½¼ ¯ ¯ End Aside. 1.8 Systems Communicate With Other Systems Using Networks Up to this point in our tour of systems, we have treated a system as an isolated collection of hardware and software. In practice, modern systems are often linked to other systems by networks. From the point of 1.8. SYSTEMS COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER SYSTEMS USING NETWORKS 17 view of an individual system, the network can be viewed as just...
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