Figure 1114 shows the unsafe region for the variable

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Unformatted text preview: processes is increasingly popular because threads are less expensive (in terms of overhead) than processes and because they provide a trivial mechanism for sharing global data. For example, a high-performance Web server might assign a separate thread for each open connection to a Web browser, with each thread sharing a single in-memory cache of frequently requested Web pages. Another important factor in the popularity of threads is the adoption of the standard Pthreads (Posix threads) interface for manipulating threads from C programs. The benefit of threads has been known for some time, but their use was hindered because each computer vendor developed its own incompatible threads package. As a result, threaded programs written for one platform would not run on other platforms. The adoption of Pthreads in 1995 has improved this situation immensely. Posix threads are available on most Unix systems. Unfortunately, the ease with which threads share global data also makes them vulnerable to subtle and bafflin...
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