Figure 311 compilation of conditional statements c

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Unformatted text preview: a single byte to 0 or to 1 depending on some combination of the conditions codes. The destination operand is either one of the eight single-byte register 112 Instruction sete setne sets setns setg setge setl setle seta setae setb setbe CHAPTER 3. MACHINE-LEVEL REPRESENTATION OF C PROGRAMS Synonym setz setnz Effect ZF ˜ ZF SF ˜ SF ˜ ´SF ˆ OFµ & ˜ZF ˜ ´SF ˆ OFµ SF ˆ OF ´SF ˆ OFµ | ZF ˜ CF & ˜ZF ˜ CF CF CF & ˜ZF Set Condition Equal / Zero Not Equal / Not Zero Negative Nonnegative Greater (Signed >) Greater or Equal (Signed >=) Less (Signed <) Less or Equal (Signed <=) Above (Unsigned >) Above or Equal (Unsigned >=) Below (Unsigned <) Below or Equal (Unsigned <=) setnle setnl setnge setng setnbe setnb setnae setna Figure 3.9: The set Instructions. Each instruction sets a single byte to 0 or 1 based on some combination of the condition codes. Some instructions have “synonyms,” i.e., alternate names for the same machine instruction. elem...
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