Figure 636 summarizes notice that there are no set

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Unformatted text preview: A line in the set contains the word if and only if the valid bit is set and the tag bits in the line match the tag bits in the address . Once we have located the line identified by the tag in the set identified by the set index, then the block offset bits give us the offset of the word in the -byte data block. As you may have noticed, descriptions of caches use a lot of symbols. Figure 6.26 summarizes these symbols for your reference. Parameter Ë ¾× ¾ Ñ ÐÓ ¾ ´Å µ Fundamental parameters Description Number of sets Number of lines per set Block size (bytes) Number of physical (main memory) address bits Derived quantities Parameter Å × ¾Ñ ÐÓ ¾ ´Ë µ ÐÓ ¾ ´ µ Ñ ´× · µ Ø ¢¢ Ë Description Maximum number of unique memory addresses Number of set index bits Number of block offset bits Number of tag bits Cache size (bytes) not including overhead such as the valid and tag bits Figure 6.26: Summary of cache parameters. Practice Problem 6.6: The following table gives the...
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