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Unformatted text preview: by value (identified in Pascal by keyword var), where the caller provides the actual parameter value, and by reference, where the caller provides a pointer to the value. In C, all parameters are passed by value, but we can simulate the effect of a reference parameter by explicitly generating a pointer to a value and passing this pointer to a procedure. We saw this in function fun (Figure 3.25) with the parameter xp. With the initial call fun(&x) (line 42), the function is given a reference to local variable x in test. This variable is decremented by each call to fun (line 35), causing the recursion to stop after two calls. C++ reintroduced the concept of a reference parameter, but many feel this was a mistake. End 3.12 Life in the Real World: Using the G DB Debugger The GNU debugger GDB provides a number of useful features to support the run-time evaluation and analysis of machine-level programs. With the examples and exercises in this book, we attempt to infer the behavior of a program by just looking at the code. Using GDB, it becomes possible to study the behavior by...
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