For each process the kernel maintains a variable brk

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Unformatted text preview: tables. Each page table contains 1024 32-bit page table entries (PTEs), each of which points to a page in physical memory or on disk. Each process has a unique page directory and set of page tables. When a Linux process is running, both the page directory and the page tables associated with allocated pages are all memory resident, although the Pentium architecture allows the page tables to be swapped in and out. The page directory base register (PDBR) points to the beginning of the page directory. 510 CHAPTER 10. VIRTUAL MEMORY CPU Virtual address (VA) 20 12 32 Result L2 and Main memory VPN 16 VPO 4 L1 hit L1 miss TLBT TLBI TLB miss 10 10 TLB hit L1 (128 sets, 4 lines/set) ... TLB (16 sets, 4 entries/set) 20 12 ... VPN1 VPN2 20 7 5 PPN PDE PTE PPO CT CI CO Physical address (PA) PDBR Page tables Figure 10.23: Summary of Pentium address translation. Page Tables 1024 PTE's Page Directory PDE 0 PDE 1 Page table 0 ... PDE 1023 1024 PTE's Page table 1 1024 Page Directory Entries (PDE's) ... 1024 PTE's Page table 1023 Figure 10.24: Pentium multi-level page table....
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