For example if vec length had some side effect then

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Unformatted text preview: nges can cause major changes in performance, while some very promising techniques prove ineffective. As we will see in the examples, it can be difficult to explain exactly why a particular code sequence has a particular execution time. Performance can depend on many detailed features of the processor design for which we have relatively little documentation or understanding. This is another reason to try a number of different variations and combinations of techniques. Studying the assembly code is one of the most effective means of gaining some understanding of the compiler and how the generated code will run. A good strategy is to start by looking carefully at the code for the inner loops. One can identify performance-reducing attributes such as excessive memory references and poor use of registers. Starting with the assembly code, we can even predict what operations will be performed in parallel and how well they will use the processor resources. 5.1 Capabilities and Limitations of Optimizing Compilers Modern compilers employ sophisticated algo...
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