For example the compiler must know timing information

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Unformatted text preview: ure from the perspective of an assembly-language programmer, and the instruction set reference manual [18] gives detailed descriptions of the different instructions. These references contain far more information than is required to understand Linux code. In particular, with flat mode addressing, all of the complexities of the segmented addressing scheme can be ignored. The GAS format used by the Linux assembler is very different from the standard format used in Intel documentation and by other compilers (particularly those produced by Microsoft). One main distinction is that the source and destination operands are given in the opposite order On a Linux machine, running the command info as will display information about the assembler. One of the subsections documents machine-specific information, including a comparison of GAS with the more standard Intel notation. Note that GCC refers to these machines as “i386”—it generates code that could even run on a 1985 vintage machine. Muchnick’s book...
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