For example unix kill 9 15213 sends a sigkill signal

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Unformatted text preview: RACED : Suspend execution of the calling process until a child in the wait set terminates or stops, and then return the PID of the stopped or terminated child that caused the return. Also, return immediately (with a return value of 0) if none of the processes in the wait set is terminated or stopped. Checking the Exit Status of a Reaped Child If the status argument is non-NULL, then waitpid encodes status information about the child that caused the return in the status argument. The wait.h include file defines several macros for interpreting the status argument: ¯ ¯ ¯ WIFEXITED(status): Returns true if the child terminated normally, via a call to exit or a return. WEXITSTATUS(status): Returns the exit status of a normally terminated child. This status is only defined if WIFEXITED returned true. WIFSIGNALED(status): Returns true if the child process terminated because of a signal that was not caught. (Signals are explained in Section 8.5.) 8.4. PROCESS CONTROL 411 ¯ ¯ ¯ WTERMSIG(status): Returns the number of...
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