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Unformatted text preview: t a SIGINT signal and is currently running its SIGINT handler. If another SIGINT signal is sent to the process, then the SIGINT will become pending, but will not be received until after the handler returns. Pending signals are not queued. There can be at most one pending signal of any particular type. Thus, if two signals of type are sent to a destination process while signal is blocked because the destination process is currently executing a handler for signal , then the second signal is simply discarded; it is not queued. The key idea is that the existence of a pending signal merely indicates that at least one signal has arrived. System calls can be interrupted. System calls such as read, wait, and accept that can potentially block the process for a long period of time are called slow system calls. On some systems, slow system calls that are interrupted when a handler catches a signal do not resume when the signal handler returns, but instead return immediately to the user with an error condition and errno set to EINTR. ¯...
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