However resolving references to global symbols is

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Unformatted text preview: ] = G[j*dim + i] || G[i*dim + j]; } 6.7. SUMMARY 345 Your job is to devise a conversion routine that runs as fast as possible. As before, you will need to apply concepts you learned in Chapters 5 and 6 to come up with a good solution. 346 CHAPTER 6. THE MEMORY HIERARCHY Part II Running Programs on a System 347 Chapter 7 Linking Linking is the process of collecting and combining the various pieces of code and data that a program needs in order to be loaded (copied) into memory and executed. Linking can be performed at compile time, when the source code is translated into machine code, at load time, when the program is loaded into memory and executed by the loader, and even at run time, by application programs. On early computer systems, linking was performed manually. On modern systems, linking is performed automatically by programs called linkers. Linkers play a crucial role in software development because they enable separate compilation. Instead of organizing a large application as one monolithic source file, we ca...
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