However there are aspects of c particularly pointers

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Unformatted text preview: ents. However, there are aspects of C, particularly pointers, explicit dynamic memory allocation, and formatted I/O, that do not exist in Java. The good news is that C is a small language, and it i ii PREFACE is clearly and beautifully described in the classic “K&R” text by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie [37]. Regardless of your programming background, consider K&R an essential part of your personal library. New to C? To help readers whose background in C programming is weak (or nonexistent), we have included these special notes to highlight features that are especially important in C. We assume you are familiar with C++ or Java. End Several of the early chapters in our book explore the interactions between C programs and their machinelanguage counterparts. The machine language examples were all generated by the GNU GCC compiler running on an Intel IA32 processor. We do not assume any prior experience with hardware, machine language, or assembly-language programming. How to Read This Book Learning how computer systems work from a programmer’s perspective is great fun, mainly because it can be...
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