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Unformatted text preview: bute. Global symbols that are referenced by module Ñ but defined by some other module. Such symbols are called externals and correspond to C functions and variables that are defined in other modules. 7.5. SYMBOLS AND SYMBOL TABLES 355 ¯ Local symbols that are defined and referenced exclusively by module Ñ. Some local linker symbols correspond to C functions and global variables that are defined with the static attribute. These symbols are visible anywhere within module Ñ, but cannot be referenced by other modules. The sections in an object file and the name of the source file that corresponds module Ñ also get local symbols. It is important to realize that local linker symbols are not the same as local program variables. The symbol table in .symtab does not contain any symbols that correspond to local nonstatic program variables. These are managed at run time on the stack and are not of interest to the linker. Interestingly, local procedure variables that are defined with the C static attribute are not managed on the stack. Instead, the...
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