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Unformatted text preview: 50] and Coda [63] extend the memory hierarchy across computer networks and mobile notebook computers. Schindler and Ganger have developed an interesting tool that automatically characterizes the geometry and performance of SCSI disk drives [64]. Homework Problems Homework Problem 6.20 [Category 2]: Suppose you are asked to design a diskette where the number of bits per track is constant. You know that the number of bits per track is determined by the circumference of the innermost track, which you can assume is also the circumference of the hole. Thus, if you make the hole in the center of the diskette larger, the number of bits per track increases, but the total number of tracks decreases. If you let Ö denote the radius of the platter, and Ü ¡ Ö the radius of the hole, what value of Ü maximizes the capacity of the diskette? Homework Problem 6.21 [Category 1]: The following table gives the parameters for a number of different caches. For each cache, determine the number of cache sets (Ë ), tag bits (Ø), set index bits (×), and block offset bits...
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