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Unformatted text preview: hows two example executions of this 5.13. UNDERSTANDING MEMORY PERFORMANCE 257 Load Unit Address Data Address Data Store Unit Store Buffer Address Data Matching Addresses Address Data Data Cache Figure 5.34: Detail of Load and Store Units. The store unit maintains a buffer of pending writes. The load unit must check its address with those in the store unit to detect a write/read dependency. function, when it is called for a two-element array a, with initial contents ½¼ and ½ , and with argument cnt equal to 3. These executions illustrate some subtleties of the load and store operations. In example A of Figure 5.33, argument src is a pointer to array element a[0], while dest is a pointer to array element a[1]. In this case, each load by the pointer reference *src will yield the value ½¼. Hence, after two iterations, the array elements will remain fixed at ½¼ and , respectively. The result of the read from src is not affected by the write to dest. Measuring this example, but over a larger number of iterations, giv...
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