In particular chris colohan established a fun and

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Unformatted text preview: iankai Tu, and Kip Walker, were instrumental in helping us develop the content of the course. In particular, Chris Colohan established a fun (and funny) tone that persists to this day, and invented the legendary “binary bomb” that has proven to be a great tool for teaching machine code and debugging concepts. Chris Bauer, Alan Cox, David Daugherty, Peter Dinda, Sandhya Dwarkadis, John Greiner, Bruce Jacob, Barry Johnson, Don Heller, Bruce Lowekamp, Greg Morrisett, Brian Noble, Bobbie Othmer, Bill Pugh, Michael Scott, Mark Smotherman, Greg Steffan, and Bob Wier took time that they didn’t have to read and advise us on early drafts of the book. A very special thanks to Peter Dinda (Northwestern University), John Greiner (Rice University), Bruce Lowekamp (William & Mary), Bobbie Othmer (University of Minnesota), Michael Scott (University of Rochester), and Bob Wier (Rocky Mountain College) for class testing the Beta version. A special thanks to their students as well! Finally, we would like to thank our colleagues at Prentice Hall...
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