In the compiler literature optimization techniques

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Unformatted text preview: Y 193 C++ to C and generated object code by running a C compiler on the result. C++ objects are represented by structures, similar to a C struct. Methods are represented by pointers to the code implementing the methods. By contrast, Java is implemented in an entirely different fashion. The object code of Java is a special binary representation known as Java byte code. This code can be viewed as a machine-level program for a virtual machine. As its name suggests, this machine is not implemented directly in hardware. Instead, software interpreters process the byte code, simulating the behavior of the virtual machine. The advantage of this approach is that the same Java byte code can be executed on many different machines, whereas the machine code we have considered runs only under IA32. Bibliographic Notes The best references on IA32 are from Intel. Two useful references are part of their series on software development. The basic architecture manual [17] gives an overview of the architect...
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