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Unformatted text preview: suming a 32-bit machine using two’s complement representation. The nonintuitive cases are marked by ‘*’. Consider the comparison -1 < 0U. Since the second operand is unsigned, the first one is implicitly cast to unsigned, and hence the expression is equivalent to the comparison 4294967295U < 0U (recall that Ì¾Í Û ´ ½µ ÍÅ Ü Û ), which of course is false. The other cases can be understood by similar analyses. 2.2. INTEGER REPRESENTATIONS Expression 0 == 0U -1 < 0 -1 < 0U 2147483647 > -2147483648 2147483647U > -2147483648 2147483647 > (int) 2147483648U -1 > -2 (unsigned) -1 > -2 Type unsigned signed unsigned signed unsigned signed signed unsigned Evaluation 1 1 0* 1 0* 1* 1 0* 49 Figure 2.13: Effects of C Promotion Rules on 32-Bit Machine. Nonintuitive cases marked by ‘*’. When either operand of a comparison is unsigned, the other operand is implicitly cast to unsigned. 2.2.5 Expanding the Bit Representation of a Number One common operation is to convert between integers having different word size...
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