In the parent fork returns the pid of the child in

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Unformatted text preview: exception, which occurs when an instruction references a virtual address whose corresponding physical page is not resident in memory and must be retrieved from disk. As we will see in Chapter 10, a page is contiguous block (typically 4 KB) of virtual memory. The page fault handler loads the appropriate page from disk and then returns control to the instruction that caused the fault. When the instruction executes again, the appropriate physical page is resident in memory and the instruction is able to run to completion without faulting. Aborts Aborts result from unrecoverable fatal errors, typically hardware errors such as parity errors that occur when DRAM or SRAM bits are corrupted. Abort handlers never return control to the application program. As shown in Figure 8.8, the handler returns control to an abort routine that terminates the application program. (1) fatal hardware I curr error occurs (2) control passes to handler (3) abort handler runs (4) handler returns to abort routine abort Fig...
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