In this case malloc allocates a portion of the block

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Unformatted text preview: requires close cooperation between the hardware and the kernel software. While a complete description is beyond our scope, our aim in this section is to describe enough of the Linux virtual memory system to give you a sense of how a real operating system organizes virtual memory and how it handles page faults. Linux maintains a separate virtual address space for each process of the form shown in Figure 10.28. We have seen this picture a number of times already, with its familiar code, data, heap, shared library, and stack segments. Now that we understand address translation, we can fill in some more details about the kernel virtual memory that lies above address 0xc0000000. The kernel virtual memory contains the code and data structures in the kernel. Some regions of the kernel virtual memory are mapped to physical pages that are shared by all processes. For example, each process shares the kernel’s code and global data structures. Interestingly, Linux also maps a set of contiguous virtual pages (equal in size to th...
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